Failing To Grow When Using A Penis Extender

Every man expects a pleasing and encouraging result after using a penis extender. As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why a penis extender was introduced; to give good results, which is an enlarged and more appealing penis. However, not all men meet this expectation in the long run.

Despite using a penis extender for a longer duration, some men fail to realize any significant changes. Failing to grow despite investing a lot of your money and time on a penis extender can be very disenchanting. What you should know is that failing to grow doesn’t just happen without a reason but rather based upon a certain cause.

Not using a device correctly as per the instructions may have an adverse impact on the results. For example, according to the instructions that come with a penis extender, the user is supposed to insert the glans of his penis into the silicon hose and allow it to grip the glans from below. Failure to insert the glans into the silicon hose may not lead to penile stretching hence making it impossible for the penis to grow. The growth of the penis through the use of a penis extender relies on the process of stretch and gain hence for gaining to take place, stretching must occur.

Using a fake device may prevent you from achieving the results you are looking for. This is because fake products may be made of poor quality raw materials since they are not legally monitored. A fake penis extender device may not work in the correct way the original extender devices are designed to work hence may not result in growth.

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It is not surprising to find fake products selling very cheaply. The exceptionally cheap prices are usually meant to entice customers to purchase their products. Since many men love saving, they are likely to fall prey to fake devices selling at cheaper prices.

Typically, a penis extender works gradually over a longer period of time to give noticeable results. Not using the device consistently can interfere with the already acquired results that may see your condition go back to normal. You should know that penis enlargement needs a lot of determination and lack of this can inhibit growth as desired. Once you have decided to use a penis extender, you should stick to it and never skip the schedule until you achieve exactly what you want.

Despite a majority of scientific studies and manufacturers recommending the measuring of the enlargement progress at a period good enough—not too early nor too late, some men still think that the progress will be noticeable immediately after they have started using the extender device.

This is wrong and may discourage the user as he might think that the device has failed to give him the growth he is looking for. Therefore, before deciding to put the blame of failing to grow on the extender device, you should confirm whether or not the duration covered is enough to guarantee a change in size.

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