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Combining Penis Enlargement Device With Jelqing

There are quite a number of enhancement methods on the internet ranging from creams, ointments, herbal remedies, use of enlargement devices, jelqing and surgery. Each company promotes its method of use alleging that it produces excellent results. It is said that two is better than one and, therefore, when these products are used jointly, the results yielded will be more appealing.

Jelqing exercises are said to be an invention of the Egyptians a long time ago. This concept works in two ways; that is, engorging the manhood while pulling it. These exercises engorge the penile shaft thus making blood to flow to it causing hardness that lasts for an elongated period of time which will, in turn, contribute to increasing the penile size. Pulling, on the other hand, encourages growth scientifically thus resulting in an increase in shape and size.

Penis enlargement device such as an extender works on the principle of traction whereby the penis is pulled slightly by the device for about five hours in a day on a daily basis for about three months. When pulling occurs consistently, tension causes the cells and penile tissues to stretch thus bringing about the growth of the penis hence an increase in length and girth.

A penis extender is the best device for enlargement as compared to a penis pump whose result is not that noticeable although it is also an enhancement device. A penis pump is mainly used to get an instantaneous enlargement. The stretchers are effective as long as traction is made constant.

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Medical practitioners argue that when the jelqing exercises are first performed then the device is fitted when the blood flow to the penis has taken place, an increase in size will be noticed after a while. Engorging will first take place and then the enlargement device, most preferably the penis extender is fixed on the penis when erect.

The device will yield maximum gains but care is taken not to fit the device when the penis is too firm. This will cause a condition known as head swell which will result in slight pain when the device is fixed because of the hardness of the penis.

Jelqing and the enlargement device can also be combined by taking shifts in their usage. The enhancement device may be used on a daily basis and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The device is used consistently then taken off for a day or for two days during which the jelqing exercises are carried out for one or two times within a day. These exercises are meant to boost the amount of blood flowing to the manhood thus causing faster healing from the stretching. The exercises also lead to an increase in shape and size of the penis. After the exercise, one is supposed to fix the enhancement device then take it off during the jelqing days.

However, not all users get excellent results by combining the enlargement device and jelqing exercises. Some males feel pain making them uncomfortable. Persistent pain is an indication that the user is exerting too much pressure on his manhood. In case of undue pain, one is advised to stick to one method of enlargement so as to reduce the aggressiveness.

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