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Misconceptions About Penis Size And Penis Extenders

For most men, discussing the penis size and anything to do with the penis is something odd. Men have a variety of questions regarding the penis. Is my partner satisfied with my penis size? What size do most men consider average? How large is a large penis? Do penis extenders really work? These are the type of questions running through the minds of most men. Most answers that have been given to men concerning their questions are false.

There is a misconception that a big penis is what a man should have in order to satisfy a woman. Men who fall for this idea are either of low self-esteem or totally lack confidence. They are ever afraid that they cannot sexually satisfy their partners in bed. To perform well in bed doesn’t mean that you have to be well endowed.

It is surprising to learn that there are men who have large penises yet they cannot satisfy their partners sexually. Sexual satisfaction depends on many factors. From different sex styles to how partners communicate during the eventful moment. It is also about what you eat to gain the strength to perform and last in bed. A lot of confidence should always be displayed for you to win and satisfy your partner.

Another misconception is that men with a micropenis are in distress. Mostly, men who worry a lot are those with average penises. According to most surveys, men with micropenises have come up with other ways to satisfy their partners; not putting their faith in the penis alone.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

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A small percentage of women orgasm through vaginal penetration, most of them rely on clitoral stimulation. Men with micropenises recognize their weaknesses and go an extra mile to use toys, fingers and even tongues to satisfy their partners. Their partners appreciate the levels of sexual satisfaction.

About the penis extender, most men believe that the device works spontaneously for you to have a bigger penis. When using the extender, you shouldn’t be in so much hurry because a number of months will go by before realizing any noticeable changes. What is important is choosing a high-quality extender and use it as instructed.

There is also a misconception with the penis extender that you can add as many inches as you want, although the body’s responsive rate decides the growth of the penis. 1 to 3 inches is the maximum inches you can achieve using the extender. The claim that the best time to wear an extender device is at night is an absolute lie. Most extenders are made to fit best when awake. There are high chances that sleeping with the extender on can result in injuries as a result of rolling over the extender device.

Another misconception about penis extenders is that all the extenders are safe and effective for use. Not all the extenders that fit into your member are good to use. Always check the extender safety features to be on the safe side.

Understand the truth behind different marketers and shop smartly for a penis extender device from only the reputable companies. Do not be quick to trust heavy discounts and unrealistic claims from any company out there.

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