How Do You Measure The Penis? My Step By Step Guide

Measuring your penis is one of the ways you can use to motivate yourself during the penis enlargement program. Besides, measuring helps you realize your progress and know whether or not you are doing well. Not all men know how to measure their penises correctly.

There are small mistakes men do when it comes to measuring the penis such as measuring a flaccid penis instead of an erect one. Measuring the penis involves two basic steps; measuring the length and measuring the girth. These two have two separate approaches which need to be considered meticulously.

Measuring the penis length

When measuring the length of your penis, ensure that you are fully erect. This is because a complete erection gives the best measurement that doesn’t vary as compared to a flaccid penis. It is difficult to tell whether or not a penis is flaccid because of the continuous movement of blood into the penile chambers which may vary periodically. For a man, any thought or sight of anything that can bring sexual arousal may cause the penis to begin increasing in size which can make it hard to determine its real flaccid length.

A ruler is the most recommended instrument for measuring the length of an erect penis. This is because it has the ability to press down to the pubic bone, which is the correct way of measuring the penis length. A tape measure tends to have a problem with stiffness and won’t take the length measurement as required. This is why you should choose a ruler instead of a tape measure. The importance of a pubic bone-pressed measurement is that it is not subjected to distortion from the fats that get deposited above the pubic bone.

Measuring the penis girth

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When measuring the penis girth, ensure that you are completely erect as the same case when measuring the penis length. The main difference between the girth measurement and the length measurement is the instruments used. For the girth, a tape measure is the most recommended instrument while for the length, a ruler is the most recommended instrument.

When taking the girth measurement, wrap the tape measure around the center of your penis shaft. Always ensure that the tape wraps around the penile shaft evenly as much as possible by not allowing the tape measure to angle. The main reason for avoiding skewing is to ensure that the correct result is achieved.

Measuring the penis when fully erect allows you to track your progress efficiently. In the event you are having a problem attaining full erection, you should consider the use of male enhancement pills prior to measuring your penis. The pills will guarantee you a constant full erection during the entire duration of measurement thereby increasing the chances of getting accurate results.

Since it takes the penis a lot of time to grow, it is not advisable to take frequent measurements. The process of cell division and cell growth occurs progressively over a longer period of time. The noticeable results are usually estimated to start showing after a period of about two to four weeks which becomes outstanding after three to six months. Therefore, you should always be patient with your measurements. This, you can consider taking after a duration of two weeks.

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