How Much Do You Know About Penis Traction? Take Our Quick And Surprising Quiz

The knowledge about penis traction is important for any man looking to increase his penis size. This helps reduce the chances of making mistakes or fearing to undertake a certain activity during the enlargement process. If you think you are well-informed of the things to do with penis traction, the following quick and surprising quizzes are meant to test your knowledge about penis traction.

To increase your penis length and girth, you need to wear your penis extender device consistently and correctly in order to achieve optimum results; True or False?

TRUE: A penis traction device is well-designed to give optimum results through a consistent and correct use. The extender device is recommended to be put on frequently to enhance the process of cell division.

However, it is advisable to give yourself a break after certain duration of enlargement to enable cell growth to take place. Once the penile shaft is stretched properly, the body is forced to respond to the tears formed and start stimulating the growth and development of new cells to fill the gaps. It is not a matter of how long you use your traction device but how well you use it.

It is okay to clean your traction device once in every two weeks; True or False?

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FALSE: Frequent cleaning of a penis traction device is the key to penis enlargement success. A clean traction device reduces the chances of bacterial and fungal formation on the traction device, which can be harmful to your penis. Also, you wouldn’t want to walk around with a smelly traction device full of accumulated sweat. Accumulation of bacteria and fungi can result in inflammation causing skin irritations which can make you uncomfortable. This may even interrupt your daily activities.

You are unlikely to suffer from side effects when correctly using a traction device recommended by your medical practitioner; True or False?

TRUE: Using a traction device that is made of medical grade materials, pre-tested and recommended by a doctor is likely to give optimum results without adversely affecting the user. Any traction device aspiring user should always consider sourcing his traction device from a legitimate source that is famed to offer high-quality traction devices. The health of your penis is a priority, which you should ensure is well taken care of.

It is possible to achieve a permanent penis enlargement through the use of a traction device; True or False?

TRUE: The use of a traction device causes the penile cells to divide as the tears are formed. The divided cells then undergo the process of growth and development to fill in the spaces left as a result of the tears. When new cells fill the spaces that were left, they permanently occupy them leading to a permanent penis enlargement.

A penis traction device cannot be worn while moving around or sleeping; True or False?

FALSE: Penis traction devices are normally designed to allow the user to stretch his penis while moving around as well as while sleeping. However, the main reason why it is not highly recommended to use your penis extender device while sleeping is the risk of rolling over the device. Some people have a problem of maintaining their sleeping position hence would roll over the traction device in case they go to sleep wearing it. Necessary precaution is important for every man looking to either go to sleep or move around with the traction device on.

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