Quick Quiz: Is A Penis Extender What You Need?

Even without confessing, every male would like his penis to be a bit bigger than how it is. Therefore, the news of the enhancement stretchers has been received with positivity. Men are purchasing the penis extenders because they are easy to use, pocket-friendly, are safe to the user as long as the proper adjustment is done and there are no risks of infections because it is a non-surgical method of enhancing the manhood.

Discretion is guaranteed since the device is worn in the privates then baggy and loosely fitting clothing is worn to prevent exposure to other parties and discomfort. The following questions can help you decide whether or not to opt for a penis extender device;

Are you looking for permanent results within a reasonable duration?

The penis extenders give permanent enlargement results after some months of consistent wearing. When worn for an average of five hours on a daily basis for about three months, one is sure of getting an enlarged penis both in thickness and length. The penis will be subjected to traction resulting from continuous pulling. This will lead to the division of cells to replace the damaged ones hence a realization in an increased size and shape.

Are you suffering from penile curvature or the Peyronie’s disease?

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Penis Enlargement or Penis Straightening

A penis extender is a remedy for men suffering from partial or extreme bending of the penis known as penile curvature and the Peyronie’s disease respectively. These disorders cause the formation of fibrous scar tissues in the inner part of the penis, which then leads to firmness and a decrease in length on one side of the manhood hence the curvature. The bending of the penis may result in pain during an erection.

A full erection may not be achieved and penetration is sometimes impossible because of the pain thereby affecting the sexual life of partners. A penis stretcher is fixed on the member then more traction is applied on the curved side. Continuous use of the device pulls the curvature and ends up straightening it thus curing these conditions. A patient suffering from the Peyronie’s disease really needs the stretcher for pain reduction during an erection and for a possibility of penetration when engaging in sexual intercourse.

Are you looking to enlarge your penis safely and naturally?

Penis extenders are safe to use as compared to other methods of enhancements such as surgery whereby a risk of infections may be encountered. When properly fixed and worn for the recommended hours, the stretcher produces excellent results comfortably. The device works by triggering the natural growth of cells and tissues.

When the cells are pulled consistently, their growth is stimulated through the process of cell division and replication hence a difference in size and shape. The device is fixed by pulling the flaccid mushroom tip using the hand thus increasing the flaccid length until a maximum point is reached where the penis resists pulling. At that point, the device is fixed after pulling slightly harder to stretch the manhood.

The pull subjected by the penis extender is responsible for increasing the size of the penile shaft. The process is not painful under the condition that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. Unlike other methods like pills, the use of a stretcher is a sure way of achieving the targeted results without complications.

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