Average Penis Size And Penis Extender Options

It cannot be ignored that all men are okay with the sizes of their penises. As a matter of fact, a majority of men wish they had a size bigger than the ones they possess. Typically, the size of the penis is related to the quality of sex. A bigger penis is said to give more pleasure during sex making it exceptionally easy for both partners to experience an orgasm. This is because it increases the area of contact between the penis and the vagina making it easy to stimulate the pleasure nerve endings.

An average sized penis is also considered when it comes to improving the quality of sex and can also be utilized appropriately to give a sensational sexual experience. Therefore, a question arises as to what size should be considered average? This is geared towards calming down the unreasonably insecure kinds of men who are extremely concerned about their sizes.

A study conducted on three hundred men of different ages showed that more than ninety percent of men included in the study thought that the sizes of their penises were below the average size and couldn’t discuss the issue comfortably with women. However, this was contrary to the findings, which proved that the average size ranged from five to six inches. More surprisingly, it was discovered that ninety-five percent of the men who took part in the study had sizes that fell within the average limit.

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In another different study conducted for a group comprising of more than three hundred women, aimed at determining the opinions of women regarding the size of the penis and preference, the results were rather surprising. It was thought that a majority of women didn’t care much about the penis size during sexual intercourse. The study showed that about forty-seven percent of women believed that their partners had smaller penis sizes than they wished they would have had.

Sixty-five percent of women wished they had men with seven inches or more while only thirty-five percent would rather opt for penises not more than six inches. However, what was more fascinating is that more than sixty-five percent of these women admitted having a pleasurable sexual experience with men having penis sizes of not more than six inches.

The fact that some men are not lucky enough to possess penises falling within the average sizes should not be a reason for them to suffer from a low self-esteem or lack of confidence or shy away from sexual activities. The issue of size can be fixed with ease through penis extender options. A penis extender is medically and scientifically proven to be effective and safe for penis enlargement and can be used by any man. Those who have average penis sizes and would love to explore the sexual feeling of possessing a bigger penis or improve the sexual experience of their partners can opt for a penis extender device. When looking for a penis extender device to purchase, consider going for the ones made of medical grade materials. That will guarantee you success as well as the safety of your penis.

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