Are All Penis Extenders Created Equal?

The male enhancement market is occupied by various brands of penis extenders. This is making it rather confusing for men to settle on the quintessential brand to use. It can be difficult to make a judgment regarding a certain brand you haven’t used before. By using several different brands of penis extender devices, one may be able to realize the facts about the extender devices with ease. Penis extender devices are rather created equal but may also have varying features that support that they are created differently.

How penis extenders are created equal

Penis extender devices usually comprise of several similar components that are aimed at enhancing the stretching process. Some of the components common to all penis extenders include the fastening points, the straps, the hose ring and the adjustable extension rods. These components conform to the principle of penis enlargement that focuses on penile traction.

The mechanism of operation of penis extenders is usually the same for all penis extenders. These devices are designed to help in penis enlargement through the continuous and consistent stretching of the corpora cavernosa and the penile ligaments which, in the long run, results in an increased penis size. In addition, all penis extenders are capable of treating penile disorders such as the Peyronie’s disease and the penile curvature.

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How penis extenders are created differently

Typically, penis extenders may offer a varying level of comfort. Some penis extender devices are more comfortable to use than others. The ones that offer more comfort are most likely made from high-quality materials and proficiently designed by accomplished experts. Some of the extensions that may enhance comfort include padding, a large adjustment room and a double strap.

An extender device that offers sufficient room for adjustment can give the user a lot of comfort. A double strap penis extender typically supports the penis shaft well making it difficult to slip out of the extender device. This adds up to the level of comfortable a user can relish as compared to the case of a single strap extender device.

The duration in which a penis extender device lasts may also vary from one brand of an extender device to another. Usually, companies may not produce the same quality of extender devices. This can be influenced by the type and quality of material they use during manufacture.

Companies using high-quality raw materials to make extender devices normally produce lasting penis extender devices than those that use substandard materials. Some devices have been reported to break down as early as during the second week of use. On the other hand, some have been reported to last more than a year. This proves that the durability of penis extender devices varies.

Another thing that makes penis extenders different is the effectiveness. Some penis extender devices are able to give noticeable results quicker than others. One of the major factors influencing the effectiveness of a penis extender device is the design. Some extender devices are designed to offer a proper grip, allow enough room for adjustments and offer adequate comfort allowing the device to be used for the maximum amount of time required.

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