How To Enlarge Your Penis Using A Penis Extender?

A good sexual performance and experience are what every man would wish to relish. Being able to perform exceptionally well in bed has lots of advantages such as an improved self-esteem, improved confidence, and a better relationship. Both men and women value sex in almost every relationship.

Therefore, for a relationship to become more accommodative to both partners there must be a pleasant sexual experience. Typically, a bigger penis plays a significant role in improving the quality of sex in any relationship. This is because it helps enhance sexual pleasure as a result of its power to stimulate the vagina more during sexual intercourse.

Since not every man is lucky to possess a bigger penis, what happens to those men having smaller penises or those who are dissatisfied with their penis sizes? Penis extenders have now made it possible and easy for any man to enlarge his penis to the size he desires without having to undergo penile surgery or consume pills that may have side effects. The use of a penis extender provides a natural way of enlarging the penis.

A penis extender works to enlarge the penis through the process of penile traction. This is where the shaft of the penis is subjected to tensional forces that pull its cells forcing them to divide through the process of cell division.

When cells divide, they form newer cells thereby increasing in number through the process of cytokinesis. The newly formed cells then undergo growth and development which in turn causes the penis to increase in size. This process is progressive and requires a lot of patience for anyone considering it as a way of penis enlargement.

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Penis Enlargement or Penis Straightening

Before using a penis extender device, you should acquaint yourself with its basics. You need to know how to attach the device, how to adjust it, how to detach it, how to clean it and how to store it. All these are important and ignoring any of the procedures can result in unsatisfying results. In a case where you are unfamiliar with a particular procedure, it is proper to seek a professional’s advice.

When attaching the penis extender, insert your penis through the hose ring after which you hold the penis with the left hand while holding the extender device with your right hand. This is to help you get a firmer grip for pushing the extender device into your pubic bone. After fixing the penis extender device correctly to your penis, adjust it correctly to offer the right amount of pressure needed for stretching. The pressure should not cause any comfort at all. Pain should always be your alarm to inform you when things are not okay.

The penis extender device is usually preferred to be worn for a period of about four to six hours a day. This time allows for maximum stretching and is unlikely to cause discomfort. Having successfully stretched your penis for the required amount of time in a day, you can then detach and clean it for the next usage.

This process is usually repeated on a daily basis by being consistent in your program. When used correctly for a reasonable period of time, a penis extender user is likely to notice amazing changes in the size of his penis.

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