Penis Extender Comfort Technology

Maximizing the enlargement results through the use of a penis extender device relies heavily on comfort. Comfort plays a greater role in ensuring that the user of a penis extender goes longer hours with the device attached to his penis. Penis extenders usually need to be worn for a period of about four to six hours on a daily basis. This duration is rather long and would be extremely difficult to sustain in a case where there is discomfort.

The modern penis extender devices are now being incorporated with a comfort technology to take the penis extender device users’ experience to a higher notch. The number of comfort options has tremendously increased with the introduction of the latest penis extenders. As opposed to the old penis extenders, some modern penis extenders can offer up to 58 different comfort options for its users.

The 58-way technology has come at a time when a majority of men now consider using the penis extender device to enlarge their penises. The primary reason why any man would want to purchase a penis extender is for the sake of using it. It can be very disappointing to discard a device you have invested a lot of money in because you are unable to wear it.

The 58-way technology guarantees the penis extender users protection against pinch, damage or chaff against blood vessels. This technology comprises of a comfort strap, a silicon noose, fabric covered latex head grip, a non-slip protech matt strap and a protection pad. These provide for various combinations that enhance maximum support, comfort and results.

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Regardless of the shape, size and the angle of your penis, the 58-way technology enables you to find a combination that fits you best. The silicon noose is meant to offer an upward force towards the head of the penis and offer a true hold. It attaches firmly below the head of the penis. The comfort strap wraps the extender device over a larger surface area of the penis. It serves as an alternative to the silicone noose.

The Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip chips in to protect the skin of the penis in the event the comfort strap and the silicon noose are rubbing. The Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap is usually combined with the silicon noose or the comfort strap. It is the ultimate option for men with penis shapes or sizes that result in slippage. The protection pad gives the user an additional comfort when using the silicon noose or the comfort strap by providing an additional padding.

The angling issue normally experienced when using other devices is done away with following the introduction of the MDA (Multi Directional Angling) technology. This technology enables the penis extender users to put on the device at the angle they are most comfortable with. This makes it the most recommended option for men suffering from the Peyronie’s disease. Regardless of the extremeness of the penis curve, the technology allows the user to extend his penis by inches safely while decreasing the angulation of the penis.

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