Does Medical Science Support The Use Of Extenders?

Every man using a penis extender device looks forward to increasing the size of his penis. There are lots of benefits that come with a bigger penis. Penis extenders promise men the size they have been admiring. Also, the device offers a natural method of penis enlargement that is safer for a man’s health.

The use of a penis extender device relies on the process of traction that stretches the shaft of the penis to stimulate cell division and replication. The use of penis extenders is widely supported by several medical and scientific studies all over the globe. The following are some of the major studies that consider the use of this device;

Italian study

This study was conducted by researchers at the University of Turin, Italy, based at the San Giovanni Battista Hospital and a publishing made in the British Journal of Urology. This study comprised of 16 patients having an average age of 47.

The patients were required to put on the extender device for a period of between four to six hours daily for six months. Both the flaccid and the stretched penile measurements were taken with the average flaccid length being 2.82 inches (7.15cm) while the stretched length being 3.79 inches (9.62cm).

During the study, follow-ups were conducted in the first, third, sixth and twelfth months. When the results were collected at the completion of the study, it was discovered that after a period of twelve months of study, the average flaccid penis length of 2.82 inches (7.15cm) had grown by 32% to 3.72 inches (9.45cm). The average stretched length of 3.79 inches (9.62cm) had grown by 18% to (4.45 inches) 11.32 cm.

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According to this study, men who used the penis extender consistently for a period of six months increased their erectile function by up to 36% and flaccid length by up to 32%. In all the categories, high satisfaction levels were reported thereby deriving a conclusion that penis extender is effective and should be considered in the treatment for a micropenis.

Canadian study

This study was carried out by the Canadian Journal of Phalloplasty. The participants were requested to use the penis extender device for a period of 6 to 8 hours daily for 5 months. It discovered that men who used devices that apply the process of traction attained gains ranging from 32% to 36%. The study furthermore discovered that despite an increase of 32% in length, there was a 36% increase in the thickness of the penis. Another amazing thing was that the penis retained its enlarged size even after stopping the usage. The patients experienced an improved erectile strength of 36%.

Scandinavian study

This study was conducted in Copenhagen at the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery on 18 patients with ages ranging from 23 to 47 years who were required to put on the device for a period of 12 hours per day, every week for a period of 8 to 24 weeks. It was discovered that men experienced two inches increase in length within a period of four months. Furthermore, it was realized that the average increase in the length of the penis was 1.9mm per week.

Based on the evidences shown by the above medical studies, a penis extender device is seen to be effective in achieving an increase in penile length and girth as well as improving the erectile strength. Undoubtedly, it can be concluded from the above studies that medical science supports the use of penis extenders.

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