Cell Division And Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is becoming famous day by day. A significant number of men now see this technique as a sure way of rejuvenating their sex lives. Penis enlargement helps men increase the sizes of their penis to that which can enhance sexual pleasure. A bigger penis is preferred by both men and women because of its power to offer great stimulation.

For women, a bigger penis makes sex more exciting and pleasurable by enhancing vaginal stimulation. A bigger penis is likely to rub a woman’s g-spot more thereby making sex more pleasurable. For a man, a bigger penis increases the penile-vaginal contact that results in increased stimulation of the nerve endings of the penis responsible for pleasure. This makes sex more pleasurable for a man.

For penis enlargement to take place permanently, cell division must occur. Cell division is a process in which a cell divides into two daughter cells having a similar genetic material. The human body relies on the process of cell division for growth. Typically, the cells in a human body regenerate and renew themselves thus maintaining the normal body growth and development. Therefore, cell division is an essential process not only for penis enlargement but also for the overall body growth.

The use of a penis extender has been proven to stimulate the process of cell division and subsequently result in penis enlargement. The mechanism of operation of a penis extender is what instigates this process to occur. A penis extender applies the process of penile traction that relies on tensional force to stretch the penis.

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As traction force increases as a result of an adjusted length of a penis extender, it forces the penile cells to divide through the formation of micro tears. Normally, the divided cells are minute and need to undergo growth and development. When the process of penile traction is stopped, the body detects the tears formed and the divided cells and, therefore, stimulates the growth of newly divided cells to fill the tears.

Consistent application of the traction force results in a continuous process of cell division and growth, which finally leads to an increase in the size of the penis. However, this process requires a lot of time and patience to be successful. Penis enlargement through the process of cell division is estimated to take about four to six months for the significant changes to be seen.

Since it is difficult to adhere to a penis enlargement program when using a penis extender, men are advised to choose the most convenient time that will enable them to use the penis extender device without skipping. There are time options available for men with different schedules. This makes it possible for any man to use a penis extender device regardless of how busy they are.

Another thing men should keep in mind is that not all penis extenders they come across are effective and safe for use. Some can be harmful to the penis. Since penis extenders manifest in numerous brands, it can be challenging to determine the best ones and disregard the substandard ones. In order for you to make the selection of a penis extender easy, you should only go for those devices that are made of medical grade materials and sourced from reputable companies.

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