SizeGenetics Versus X4Labs Review

SizeGenetic Photo Snapshot


X4labs System

The male enhancement market is fiercely competitive because of the high profit. Due to internet, there are now innumerable companies promising results. It is tough to choose the best among them. 

One must be very careful while choosing a penis extender device as this is about the most important part of your body! For this reason, we are going to discus two safe, effective and certified penis extenders. X4Labs and SizeGenetics are the best male enhancement products in the market as they are medically tested and extensively researched. 

Construction Style

X4Labs: They are easier and very comfortable to wear because they use strap technology. X4Labs is also the only extender providing custom loop fastener for sustained traction and smooth grip. It also offers an exclusive 4-in-1 Quad Support and big girth base for smooth and comfortable wear. 

SizeGenetics: It comes with a comfort strap system, a new variety of extender. The slider is so designed to be a perfect fit of the natural curvature of the penis. This is different from the traditional noose extenders. The strap engenders are known to provide greater force of traction to the penis. This ensures almost 60% enhanced blood flow to the penis during erection. 

Customer’s Reviews And Testimonials 

Vimax Extender Review Both X4Labs and SizeGenetics are medically backed by experts. However, the real difference can be found out using customer reviews and testimonials. 

X4Labs: the user reviews, testimonials and medical expert’s opinion is available on the official website. 

SizeGenetics: similarly, the user reviews, testimonials, and medical experts opinion is available on the official website. The reviews are from actual customers who also provide before and after photographs as the proof of effectiveness. SizeGenetics offers a free membership of an exclusive forum where users from around the world can share their experiences after using SizeGenetics. 

Cost And Affordability 

As per the official prices, SizeGenetics is a bit costlier than X4Lbs. 

The X4Labs offers various versions such as: 

  • Starter: $99.95 

  • Deluxe: $199.95

  • Gold Deluxe: $274.95

  • Gold Premium: $374.95

  • Peyronie’s Edition (for treating Peyronie’s disease): $239.95 

SizeGenetics offers the following packages: 

  • Starter: $199.95, SizeGenetics extender 

  • Only device: $349.95, extender with 16-way comfort system and a leather case.

  • Ultimate pack: $398.95, extender, 16 way comfort system, traction powder, lock & key, travel case, leather case, penis health online access & DVD and Revita cream. 

Money Back Guarantee 

It is significant to check if the product is offering money back guarantee before investing your money. X4Lbabs and SizeGenetics come with a 100% money back guarantee in case you won’t be satisfied with the product. 

The X4Labs provides 180-day money refund policy. 

On the other hand, SizeGenetics provides a 180-day cash back guarantee. This gives you enough time to try and take full advantage of the product. 

Final words 

It is tough to choose the better product between SizeGenetics and X4Labs. In the end, it all boils down to your personal choice. Both devices are very effective male enhancement products. As far as our opinion goes, SizeGenetics is slightly better in working and results even though it is a bit expensive.

SizeGenetics offers a superb design with a high-quality product. It is also frequently recommended by medical experts. On the other hand, X4Lbs provides great quality product in an affordable price range. When price is not take into consideration, clearly SizeGenetics is more effective, higher quality and more comfortable. X4Labs also works quite well in a good budget.