What makes X4Labs the best penis extender?

X4labs System

Following are the reasons why X4Labs is better and more effective than other similar products: 


X4Labs is certainly the most comfortable device to wear. In this way, you will be able to wear it for more hours every day giving you quicker and better results. X4Labs Advanced Comfort System provides various settings so you can adjust according to your comfort and find that perfect fit.

There is no device more comfortable than X4Labs. This is very important because most of the men stop using penis extender due to discomfort. X4Labs will help in increasing your penis size more effectively than its competitors. 

Quicker results:

X4Labs is effective improving the penis growth with the help of its amazing penis exercise programs. These exercises combined with traction gives the best possible outcomes by various physiological mechanisms. The traction stimulates stretching resulting in increased blood volume. The combination of traction and exercises targets the penis from every possible angle helping in quicker growth. 

Peyronie’s disease: 

X4Labs not only works wonders in increasing the penis size, its advanced technology is also useful for treating bent or curved penis. Many medical experts have backed this device as an effective treatment for bent and curved penis. This product comes with a manual mentioning all the necessary exercises for strengthening bent or curved penis.

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X4labs System


X4Labs is prepared using only the high quality materials and thus provides a huge amount of tension. As for the other similar products available in the market, they are made in china using cheap materials. We recommended you to not buy these products as they can be harmful for your penis. 


Apart from being the number one product in North America, X4Labs has been featured in almost every major news network and popular websites. These news networks are NBC, ABC, Fox News, et cetera. Featuring on these big networks is not an easy thing and this proves the credibility of X4Labs. 

Money back guarantee: 

Vimax Extender ReviewX4Labs offers an impressive 6 month money back guarantee. You are free to try this product and see for yourself. You need to invest a lot of time on this product and that needs patience. This is not for everyone. Money back guarantee becomes all the more significant. The manufacturers know this and offer an amazing money back guarantee. The reputation of a company can be easily damaged. In case of X4Labs, you will get a larger penis or get your full money back. Thus, your money is not wasted. 
Once you set aside the look of the device, X4Labs is actually very effective in enlarging your penis. Your performance in bed increases tremendously. 

X4Labs doesn’t make false promises rather it based on actual science. The exercises given will help in enlarging a penis just like you get bulged abs or biceps after working out. 

It is not only a marketing tactic; X4Labs comes with a certificate stating that it is medically 100% safe and secure. 

Doctors around the world have backed this device as an effective device for enhancing sexual health. It provides you a much needed confidence. 

Unlike its competitors, X4Labs is ruling the market for over 20 years and has made innumerable satisfied customers. It has passed multiple tests and gotten praise from happy users. 

The confidence of X4Labs manufacturers is clear from the fact that they offer an exclusive 6 months money back guarantee. Thus, the risk of losing money is not there.

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